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From Alpacas to Art

We started raising alpacas in 1993 after seeing a humorous piece about them on the Today Show. We partnered with David's sister and her husband to form Castetter Farms in Indiana so we could have alpacas and finish our Army careers. We have been exploring various avenues for using our fiber over the years, including hand processing, using small mills and joining cooperatives. We have benefited from this combination.

I became a Master Sorter in 2017 after completing the Basic and Advanced Fiber Courses through SUNY Cobleskill, followed by an intense 2-year apprenticeship and rigorous testing process.

It was the purchase of a commercial grade felting machine that swayed our decision to open our own mill. Our mill is very small, located entirely in our two car garage. We love working from home and creating products that our customers and their customers love.

Our alpacas ( can be seen grazing nearby, and we have a view of Mt. Rainier from our property.

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